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EBA Performance



Our assessment aims to quantify risk of injury and performance potential based against our unique database of high level baseball players.   We test and re-test every month as we search to get the movement efficiency and athletic index desired to be successful with your unique set of talents.   Each athlete performs differently, and we identify what makes you special and enhance the tools that make you great.  



No program is complete without nutrition.  You can never outwork a bad diet.  Each athlete will go through a questionnaire where they give some insights into what their current diet looks like.  We work around their preferences and daily schedule to develop a diet plan that works best for them.  It is more important that we develop a model that is built for consistency than anything else.  


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Each athlete will be given a customized performance and throwing program based off of their assessments.  As a company, we believe no 2 athletes are the same meaning no 2 programs will be either.   Athlete programs will require them to come in a minimum of 3 days a week.  They will focused on addressing the needs seen from our assessment and building the highest movement efficiency and athletic index possible.  


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The final piece to our program is college placement.  Our athletes are more than just members.  We are invested in them from start to finish, meaning making sure they find schools that are good for them.  They work closely with our baseball operations side to make sure we know their GPA, ACT, desired degree, school size, distance, and skill level.   This gives us the best chance at finding, recommending, and contacting the best school for them.