“I came to Denton after finding out I was given another chance back into the game of baseball. The attention to detail this guy has is incredible. Denton is one of the best trainers I’ve had throughout my career. His loyalty to make you a better athlete is exactly what I needed. I’ll definitely be returning. ‘Start Unknown, FInish Unforgettable’ is more than just a slogan.”

Lance Jeffries, St. Louis Cardinals Organization

“Buffa is truly one of the best strength coaches that I’ve worked with. He doesn’t have the arrogance that says, it’s my way and my way only. He truly coaches to the individual, not to the masses which is refreshing in the industry. He has a superior knowledge of teaching strength and performance to help athletes achieve their highest levels of success. I appreciate Buffa and all the work he has invested in us to help me achieve my dreams and goals. I know he is going to help countless others and benefit their careers. Thank you Buffa for all your help.”

Seth Connor, Toronto Blue Jays Organization

“Jacob has evolved into one of the best strength coaches I have ever got to work with. He is constantly studying his area of work and looking for ways to better his clients. I was fortunate enough to work with Jacob this offseason and saw tremendous strides and progression in both my strength and health. Jacob is great at sitting down with you and developing a plan to help you achieve goals and I can’t thank him enough for that. This offseason was one for the books and can’t wait to continue to work with Jacob for the years to come.”

Joey Hawkins, St. Louis Cardinals Organization

“This was my first offseason playing above the high school level. I had no prior weight training and didn’t know the physical shape I needed to be in to be a professional athlete. Coach Buffa not only taught me the lifts I needed to be doing but also taught me the correct form and always made sure I was doing things the right way so I would be healthy and in the best shape I had ever been in. I can’t thank him enough for all that he has done for me.”

Jacob Schelessner, St. Louis Cardinals Organization

"This offseason was the best one I have ever had. I’ve never been this strong or in this good of shape. Jacob Buffa is the best trainer you can have. He is passionate, driven, and good at what he does. I will definitely follow his program next year and use Jacob again. Thank you Jacob for getting me into shape.”

Tate Matheny, Boston Red Sox Organization

“Every offseason I look to prepare my body to endure the upcoming rigors that come with a five/six month season of baseball. Working with Jacob this past offseason gave me a great base heading into spring training and to carry forward into the season. His knowledge and use of baseball specific lifts are right in line with the programs I am accustomed to in various organizations I’ve been a part of. His approach allows the body to perform at its best on the field, the earlier you can instill these proper movements the better off you will be down the road.”

Mike Kickham, San Fransisco Giants

 If you want to play baseball at the next level, Elite Baseball Academy is your one stop shop for complete player development

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In a state of the art 23,000sq. ft. facility, EBA prioritizes individual assessment and program design to maximize each athlete's athletic potential.


Baseball is a skill, just as much as a sport.  Because of that, we offer position specific skills training for hitters and pitcher of all ages.

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